Important Health Information:

All our processed products are made at our in-house facility under very stringent hygienic conditions. We have full traceability on our raw materials and our products are regularly lab tested; therefore safe for all to consume.


Grading of Meat

There are three main groups of grading of meat A, B and C grades, which are roller marked
AAA (Blue)
, BBB (Brown) and CCC (Red) respectively.

The A grade is for lamb which of course is the most tender. The B grade is for the animal that has grown out of the lamb age and is medium tender. C grade is most mature and is the least tender.

There is also a AB grade that has been introduced. This is a grade inbetween a Lamb and B grade and is not very frequent as an animal only stays in this category for a few weeks before it matures into a B grade.

In each grade (A, AB, B and C) there are further subgrading by means of numbers 0 through to 6. This depicts the fat level of the meat - 0 being the leanest and 6 being the fattiest.

It is also important to note that the fat content of the meat plays an important role in tenderness and taste. For eg. A6 meat will be more tender than A1 meat.

We, at LMM prefer to stock the 2 and 3 grades to ensure that our customers get the optimum blend between tenderness and taste.

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