Tradition’s an important thing to us here at Longbury Meat Market.

Old-fashioned principles like hand-selected carcasses, generous cuts and a warm welcome are what makes our meat so special and our service so different! Our butcher’s apron has been worn since 1984, which means we've been in existance for a long time, and have certainly attained a legendary status in the meat industry from the men who earned their reputations through years of hard work. We’re proud to carry on their skills today.

We source only the best quality Halaal meat and we constantly strive to seek out only those abattoirs that meet our strict hygiene and quality levels and who also constantly participate in breeding and grading competitions.

Visit us and experience a wide variety of marinated meats, mouth-watering deli and sausages, home-made biscuits and treats, and a wide variety of convenience foods. We also have a Grilled Foods section for those that wish to satisfy their hunger on the go!

Our passion for meat and the quest to provide the freshest and tastiest meat and meat products at a surprisingly affordable price prevails at our store that boasts ultra hygienic conditions, air-conditioned comfort coupled with friendly staff to attend to your needs.

We receive fresh meat daily and we also specialise in bulk meat orders for all functions at the best prices.

With our excellent reputation growing, we’re here to help bring you extraordinary quality, helpful tips and plenty of great new ways to enjoy wonderful meat. This is what makes us who we are: Longbury Meat Market - The Meat Market with a Difference!

We really hope you enjoy shopping with us. It’s really worth it.



Important Health Information:

All our processed products are made at our in-house facility under very stringent hygienic conditions. We have full traceability on our raw materials and our products are regularly lab tested; therefore safe for all to consume.

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